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25 settembre 2019
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia "The Times Are A-Changin" - 5

The Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (LLC) is the most frequent leukemic form in the Western world. 

For many years chemotherapy was the only possibility of treatment until the introduction of monoclonal antibodies changed the scenario.

However, the progressive and rapid increase of knowledge on the mechanism of development of the disease has made possible the emergence of new agents that interfere in a target manner on tumor cell growth.

A moment of recapitulation of the complex decisions about patient management due to the multiple changes that led an apparent homogeneous hematologic malignancy into an heterogeneous disease that can be controlled for even long periods seems to be required.

The meeting will focus on both the "basic" research on the disease (role of genetics, BCR and interactions with the microenvironment) and the clinical dynamics (prognostic and predictive factors, role of chemo-immunotherapy , target therapies and cellular therapy ).


Questo evento è accreditato per le seguenti professioni:


FARMACISTA (Territoriale, Ospedaliero)

MEDICO CHIRURGO (ematologia, geriatria, medicina interna, oncologia)



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25 settembre 2019

Milano (MI), Hotel Michelangelo - Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 6

Responsabile scientifico
Marco Montillo

Crediti attribuiti all'evento: 6,0

ID ECM: 268807

Medico chirurgo - Farmacista - Biologo

Evento accreditato per: 100 partecipanti